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Bespoke-formulated and ready-to-use ambient temperature stable dried products
For decoration or topping of crumbles, mignardises, dehydrated or dietetic meals
As biscuit base for hot or cold starters
For decoration, topping or inclusion in desserts, ice creams, pastries, chocolates, mignardises...

Granulometry, formulation and flavors according to needs

* Crumbles / particles / chunks with average size between 1 and 12 mm
(for example : 0-3 mm ; 2-5 mm ; 2-7 mm ; 2-10 mm...)
* Fine or coarse powders

* Optional fat-coated versions (e.g. with cocoa butter)
* Organic certified versions also possible
(Ecocert certification 56/155209)
Here below are typical examples ; other formulations and flavors available upon request

. Plain sweet biscuit crumble
. Cocoa biscuit crumble (light or dark)
. Chocolate biscuit crumble
. Chocolate brownies crumble

. Coffee biscuit crumble
. Caramel biscuit crumble
. Salted butter caramel crumble
. Crumble of 'petit beurre'

. Blackcurrant biscuit crumble
. Raspberry biscuit crumble
. Red fruit biscuit crumble
. Banana biscuit crumble
. Lemon biscuit crumble

. Lemon and Poppy Seed crumble
. Orange & Poppy Seed crumble
. Dried Apricot biscuit crumble

. Fig biscuit crumble
. Date biscuit crumble

. Coconut biscuit crumble
. Hazelnut biscuit crumble
. Walnut biscuit crumble
. Crumble of "Pain d'épices"
. Crumble of spéculos

. Cinnamon biscuit crumble
Ginger sweet biscuit crumble
. Cumin sweet biscuit crumble
. Liquorice sweet biscuit crumble
. Anise sweet biscuit crumble

Packed in a variety of convenient packagings well fit to industrial or professional usage :
* bulk (sealed PE bag from 5 to 12 kg into protective cartons) for food manufacturers
* Sealed PE bags from 500 g to 2 kg gathered in cartons for professional usage (catering, gelateria, wholesalers)
* Flap-top or screwing top pots for food professionals and wholesalers (500 to 1000 ml)

Do ask for samples, technical data sheets or price estimates